VAS Management Services

our vision

Our Managed Services offerings are with the realization that operators will succeed and maintain market leadership while maximizing the profitability and reducing the operational costs taking into consideration the overall satisfaction of their subscribers by providing them with the best possible content or advertising that is tailored to their own needs and preferences.

With its Managed Services model, InMobiles acts as a single point of responsibility, replacing separate, vendor-specific delivery models with a comprehensive, standardized approach to end-to-end service management.

We continue to reinforce our commitment to provide our customers with :

With InMobiles VAS Managed Services, the financial risks on our partners do not exist at all.
We bare all Initial and Operational costs thus there is no investment on the operator side because our revenue share business model means we are in a unique partnership.

Our Mobile VAS Managed Service solution saves our partners the huge expenses of recruiting an internal content and service management team and investing in technology and infrastructure.


We constantly enrich our content offerings. Our direct relationship with Content Providers delivers dynamic distribution capabilities and also acts as a channel that manages highly targeted referral traffic.


We continuously enhance our main competitive advantage – technology. Our core system, is designed to power flexible solutions that automate the content aggregation process providing access to desired information instantaneously.